Diving in the north pole

Diving in the north pole

Svalbard (Longyearbyen, Norway – Arctic Circle) - Photography & Diving Expedition 

The best trip of my life - On July 2008, a group of divers from Barcelona, Pamplona, Madrid and Vilafranca del Penedes went to take one crazy but incredible adventures: dive on the Arctic Pole.

The experience is inexplicable, there’s no words to describe it. We went to Svalbard Islands – a group of islands located on the arctic ocean, north of Norway. Temperature went down to minus -4ºC (underwater) where it was quite difficult to dive. We wear different layers under our gear but still, we could feel the cold on us.

These pictures are meant to show the beautiful creatures under this glacial water. Those animals live in dark during 6 months and with light during the 6 left of the year.



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