Underwater photography provides some specials shoots that not everybody is able or lucky enough to see. We can find micro animals and microorganisms difficult to reach due to its small size that can go in between 3 or 4 millimeters. The ocean is so special. 

The colors lose their tones when you deeper and deeper, turning into brownish or dark tones. That’s the reason why the artificial illumination is essential in this type of photography. It helps to recover the vivacity of the real colors. Red colors lose their intensity after 10 meters deep inside. Orange and yellow tones fade around 20 meters and, blueish and greenish tones disappear after 30 meters deep.

caballito pontoi
gamba cristal, con huevas
caballito de mar
erizo de mar
caballito de mar
cabezas de coral
cria pez rana
caballito pigmeo
caballito de mar
gamba cristal
gamba en bailarina
coleccion de estrellas
caballito de mar
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